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Vision, Ethos and Values

Our Vision

Harnham Infant School is a happy and caring place where we value and support the uniqueness of every child, take account of diversity and promote equality and inclusion, to enable all to succeed.

Vision and Values Video

This short video gives an overview of our school's vision and values and how these are the foundation of everything that happens within our school.

Our School Values

Our whole school motto encompassing everything we would like to achieve is 'Enjoy, Explore and Learn'. 

We aim for children to know the 'Harnham Infant School Way' by being committed to their learning and growing in the school values of kindness, independence, respect, creativity, resilience and being active. These values support children to establish and grow roots amongst friends, family, the local community and learn about the wider world too. 


Our School Ethos

At Harnham:

  • We encourage a high standard of behaviour and expect everyone to show respect for themselves, others and the school environment.

  • We instil independence, a positive attitude and confidence to enable children to be active members of a constantly changing society. 

  • We value the partnership between home, school and the wider community.

  • We provide a learning environment that is stimulating and reflects the children's achievements.

  • We encourage an enthusiasm for learning through a creative, exciting curriculum, and challenge all to achieve high standards.

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