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At Harnham Infant School our aim is to provide a high-quality computing education which is fully inclusive and accessible to every child. We aim to equip the children to become digitally literate by the end of Key Stage 1 to a suitable level, in preparation for Key Stage 2.


Our teaching allows the children to gain secure knowledge and skills which will encourage them to use computing to develop ideas, express themselves creativity and become computational thinkers. 

Our aim is to build the foundations of these skills through EYFS to the end of KS1.

At the forefront of teaching computing is Online Safety across EYFS and KS1. Internet safety is taught every half term. At Harnham Infant School, we want to teach children to manage risk safely when using technology and know who they can talk to if they are concerned or upset when using it.  We also feel it is important that children are aware of how to support a positive well-being when using technology.

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Computing: Intent, Implementation, Impact


Supporting your child at home with Computing:

Talk and explore technology around the home and the wide world.

Spend time with your children talking about how to be safe online.

Internet safety online game: - Play Interland - Be Internet Awesome

Parents/Families please don’t forget to look at your child’s Seesaw account for more information about what they have been learning in Computing this week.

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