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Physical Education

Harnham Infant School believes that Physical Education (PE) is extremely important for the children’s journey at our school. We believe in ensuring that all children are experiencing a safe and supportive environment to ensure optimal physical and emotion well-being. We deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities from EYFS to Year 2, these high quality learning experiences will allow children to succeed in physical education and develop crucial life skills needed.

We ensure all children are willing to practice and take part in different activities alone, in small groups and in teams, applying skills throughout. Physical Education at Harnham Infant School will develop pupil’s physical literacy skills and allows them to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyles, self-expression, decision making and social skills. Our children will know how to collaborate and cooperate as part of an effective team, understanding fairness and equality of play to embed life-long values.

Our curriculum is inclusive and allows all children to access a range of physical activities that allow the improvement of wellbeing and fitness at Harnham Infant School, through the sporting skills taught but also through the underpinning values and disciplines that PE promotes. Pupils participate in one high quality teaching lesson a week, covering one sporting discipline at a time each half term. Pupils gain an additional 30 minutes high quality teaching of a second sporting discipline. In addition, children are engaged in 1 Forest School slot every week (led by class teacher).

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How to support your child with PE at home:

Get outside and play as much as possible!

Ways to teach PE at home -

Recipes for children to support healthy eating -

Parents/Families please don’t forget to look at your child’s Seesaw account for more information about what they have been learning in PE this week.

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