Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association and we are no exception.  Our PTA is known as HSA. The Harnham Schools Association (HSA) and is a joint PTA for the Infant and Junior schools. 


The sole purpose of the HSA is to raise money for the schools.


The committee (which includes both Headteachers) meet once a term.  The schools provide a wish list of the things they require.  The HSA raises money to make these wishes come true.

HSA events include:


  • Christmas Fair

  • Discos

  • Film Nights

  • Hog-Roast

  • Family Quiz

  • Fashion Show

  • Christmas cards and tea towels


The HSA also have a Mini Lottery for £1 per month called the 200 Club.  Every month 3 lucky winners are drawn to share the prize money.  The rest of the money is divided between the two schools.