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All applicants, in or out of catchment, must either complete a form (available from the school or County Hall, Trowbridge), or apply online at

There are deadlines printed on these forms which have to be adhered to when applying for a place at our school.

There are no guaranteed places unless:

  • The applicant has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

  • The applicant is within the care of Wiltshire Council and have, or are expected, to have a placement within your designated area.

Admissions are decided by the Local Authority. You can contact them for further information 01225 713010

Prospective parents are invited to visit the school. Please contact the Admin team to arrange a visit. 01722 327338 

Children remain at our school until the end of year 2. Reminders to apply for a junior school place are sent out during the Autumn term. 

School Prospectus coming soon!
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