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At Harnham Infant School, we aim to provide a music curriculum and culture which gives pupils the opportunity to make music, think more musically and, crucially, become even more musical. All pupils will learn to sing, play instruments and create music together, and subsequently foster a love for music that will last a lifetime.  


We use the Sing Up teaching scheme to ensure that children are receiving a high-quality creative programme of learning. Designed and written by specialists, it sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage of learning. Covering a broad and diverse range of repertoire, approaches and musical traditions, the scheme supports a fully integrated approach to musical development.  



How to foster a love of music at home: 

  • Sing nursery rhymes and well-known songs with your children.  

  • Share your love of music… whatever the genre or whoever the musician… children have a musical ear. They want to listen and learn and love what you love! 

  • Listen to different radio stations so children are exposed to different genres. You never know what they might enjoy! 

  • Make musical instruments in your home! Let children empty the kitchen cupboard filled with saucepans and kitchen utensils. Encourage them to explore the various sounds.  

  • Make up songs in the car, when you’re out and about or even when you are cooking dinner. Children love to hear funny rhymes and seeing you sing will give them confidence to make up things themselves.  

  • Listen for rhythms and sounds in the environment.  

  • Look out for opportunities to hear/see live music .  


Parents/Families - please don’t forget to look at your child’s Seesaw account for more information about what they have been learning in music.  

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