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Our Awards


Artsmark Gold Award

In July 2018 we were delighted to have been awards with the Artsmark Gold Award.

"Harnham Infants school have made very positive progress through Artsmark and the highlights have been the commitment to CPD and shift in overall philosophy and vision. Kickstarting Artsmark with a quite intensive investment in CPD seems to have paid dividends with teachers more competent in using various arts materials and processes as a means of broader teaching and learning. An impressive array of external partners have worked with the school to provide additional opportunities, the deepest of these relationships being with the local theatre. The school's revised Arts policy makes a strong case for the merits of the arts and the broad contribution they can make through a balanced curriculum. For the future, it would be helpful to hear more about the nature and effect of CPD on staff and children's progress, and to get a feel for plans to further embed your growing arts expertise within the heart of your school's curriculum. Longer term, you might wish to consider ways you can share your journey and its benefits with other schools."

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Green Tree Schools Gold Award

Staff and pupils at Harnham Infant School have been the proud recipients of the Green Tree Schools Gold Award, presented by the Woodland Trust. The school has won the award for their hard work in promoting conservation and appreciation of the environment.

Pupils took inspiration from the school’s woodland setting to complete challenges focused on building their understanding of the environment, including holding a ‘tea party for a tree’ and capturing observations of the natural world through photography, drawing and even sculpting with mud! Children also designed their own ‘tree champions’ to help spread the word about conservation. Activities took place as part of lessons indoors and during Forest School.

Natasha Dorrington, Headteacher says: ‘Completing the Gold Award is a real achievement for the children at Harnham Infants, who all had a sense of pride and ownership in completing the challenges. In a school that benefits so much from the trees and woodland in and around our grounds, preserving this precious natural resource is especially important to all of us. A big thank you to Mrs Newsam who coordinated the challenges – our next step will be to go for Platinum status!’

For more information about the Green Tree Schools Award, please visit


International School Award

In 2016 we were delighted to have been reaccredited with the International School Award, having originally gained it three years previously. This acknowledges our commitment to International learning. It has been recognised that Harnham Infant School has…

‘a high profile international ethos, which prepares pupils for life in a global society by providing motivating and real life opportunities that are fun, and which increase their understanding of other countries and cultures.’

We continue to be pleased to support other schools who are interested in embedding international activities with ideas and advice from our own experiences. If you would like to contact a member of staff for a chat please initially email  to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Youth Sport Trust

taff and pupils at Harnham Infant School have been the proud recipients of the Youth Sport Trust Bronze Mark.  The school has won the award for:

  • A Shared vision that recognises the value of PE, which reflects the current needs of our pupils.

  • Regular reflection of own delivery of PE with monitoring and evaluation of quality of PE.

  • Substantial amount of time given to PE each week. 

  • Our PE curriculum is broad and rich for all year groups. It is fun and delivered safety. 

  • Pupils make progress in line with school expectations of Physical outcomes. 

  • A range of extra-curricular school clubs.

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