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The  governors play a central role in the management of the school and have a close working relationship with the Headteacher in the running of the school. Although each governor has their own role to play, we all work as a team and have a collective responsibility for the decisions that are made about the school.

At Harnham Infant School the governors are always available to listen to you - the parents and your child.


Who are we:

Miss Dorrington 


Mrs Salmon

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Evans

 Chair of Governors

Mrs Churchill 

Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Batchelor

Staff Governor

Mrs Sirl 

Co-opted Governor

Mrs McGrane

Parent Governor

Mrs Pike

Co-opted Governor

Mr Casey

Co-opted Governor

Mr Waydia

Parent Governor

Mrs Sawyer

Parent Governor

Ms Niccals

Parent Governor

Ms Ross

Parent Governor

Full Governing Body Attendance 2019-20

Full Governing Body Attendance 2018-19

Full Governing Body Attendance 2017-18

Register of Interests 2017-18

What do we do?

While we work as a team, we also are divided into smaller sub-committees to deal with specific areas of school management. These include:


•Finance - managing the school budget.

•Staffing/Appointments - checking staff employment policies, appointment/dismissal of staff.

•Curriculum - monitor that the National Curriculum is being taught and its assessment procedures carried out, including Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium. 

•Welfare - including monitoring safeguarding, well-being and attendance.

•Health & Safety - including 6 monthly premises inspection, ensure health and safety and security procedures are observed.


How do we do it?

•We meet as a full governing body at least each half term (minutes are available for inspection in the entrance hall). Other sub-committees meet as appropriate.

•We visit the school and staff meetings where possible and aim to work closely with the Junior School governors.

•We keep up-to-date by attending governors training courses.


How can you help?

•Approaching any governor with issues you may want to discuss - either personally or in writing.

•Contact with the Governing Body may be made through the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Teresa Salmon

- by hand: c/o the school office

- by post: c/o Harnham Infant School

- by email: admin@harnham-inf.wilts.sch.uk marked FAO Clerk to the Governors

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