We always welcome and value feedback, of any kind. 

Staff are available to listen to your concerns and celebrations through a variety of methods. This might be in the form of a questionnaire, a coffee and chat session, emails, telephone calls or chats on the playground. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have something to share. 

We love the school atmosphere and values it teaches. We share them in our family as well. The education here is on the highest level, always with the best interest of a child in mind. The forest school is absolutely amazing. The school has beautiful grounds and is a very safe environment. All the staff and teachers are very kind, profesional and helpful, with a "can do" attitude. Our daughter loves every minute at the school!

Parent, Year R


Thank you for all the effort that you have put in to making Harnham Infants a great school rather than a good school! There is such a sense of family here and 'we're all in this together'. 


In my opinion Harnham Infants School went above and beyond the expectations. Since the beginning of the lockdown we received a lot of support in homeschooling our daughter. The teachers and staff did an outstanding job making the activities very apealing, interesting and fun. The application Seasaw is really good. We also received regular phone calls and even a postcard to my daughter, which made her super happy! Throughout this time the school was aproachable and offered help and support.

Parent, Year 1


We weren’t originally coming to Harnham Infants back in 2016 but a last minute decision changed that. I’m so glad we made that change 2 months before summer holidays. We were lucky enough to be accepted & we haven’t looked back since. Our then youngest started infants last sept & loves it. Our now youngest has a way to go yet but will definitely be going to infants!


Parent, Year R and Year 2